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June 03, 2022, 03:29:25 PM
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Here are a few jabs at BYU!

BYU, AKA Brigham Young University, or to those in the know, Breed’em Young University.

I worked with a kid at the Parks Dept, and I spotted the very attractive lady who worked in the city office. I pointed at her I said I thought she was very lovely. I was 25 and this kid was 18. He looks at her and says, “She’s old!”

I said, “What’s the matter, kid? Never craved any cougar action?“

He tells me, “Oh, I love the Cougars! I’m a big BYU fan!“

That‘s not the cougar action I was in the market for.

That story is the basis for my joke. What is “Hot Cougar Action” to a Mormon? A BYU game.

I personally think they should rename their sports tea. Instead of the Cougars, they should be called the Soakers.

If you know, you know. 🤣